Friday, 16 March 2007

Shaggy Blog Stories

So in Waitrose car park I was accosted by three teenage boys wearing nothing but nappies and baby bonnets. As I knew their mothers they seemed to be holding their buckets in a strategic manner. Your mother's friends may have seen you in nappies seventeen years ago but much has changed since, or so they hope. However it was a sign that it is again Red Nose Day and on such days young men are willing to do such things for a good cause. Bloggers have decided to appease all of our "Me, me, me,look at me" moments by raising money as well. It was put together in just one week so round of applause for the compilers and a double scotch and a long lie down in a darkened room. Shaggy Blog Stories is available now, it contains one hundred of the best funny extracts from British Blogs. You can order it from here

You may have to exercise a little patience as the site may be imploding under the pressure for a while.

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