Monday, 4 August 2008

Forward Prize and the Women are in there. Clowns Without Borders may not be in the Forward but they are in Syria

Just a quick post to say hurray for Jen Hadfield and Kate Rhodes as they have both been nominated for something in the 2008 Forward Prize.Jen has been nominated for best poetry collection with Nigh-No-Place which I have posted about a while back and Kate for best individual poem with 'Wells-Next-To-Sea' a prize winning poem in the Bridport prize last year.
Good to see more women nominated for once, good to see that it may be a close tussle for all the prizes. A close tussle for me seems to indicate a wealth of interesting poetry out there to choose from. It is strange that Seamus Heaney has never won anythng in the Forward but he is nominated this year for best individual poem. He does have a nobel prize for literature to console him however.

Also want to point out that New Exposure is on its travels again this time in Syria and the group has been working with young refugees from Iraq there, teaching them the skill sneeded for photojournalism. Always a really interesting blog to look at. It was interesting to see that there is a group called Clowns Without Borders who have been involved in a project to train Iraqi clowns to work with the refuge children...more power to their elbow and paint for their noses I say.

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Mrs Slocombe said...

Talking of Iraq: have you read any of J.S. Harry's Peter Rabbit poems?: I'm reading them all now, including a long section set in Iraq: they make me wonder why I bother to be honest. Try and find them.